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New CAPP Canada Workshop Series: Catholic Social Teaching as a Solution to Polarization

Centesimus Annus - Pro Pontifice Canada (CAPP-Canada) announces a new series of three virtual workshops on the topic of polarization, led by world-class experts on the topic. The workshops are free and open to everyone interested in the Catholic social teaching. Each workshop will feature small group discussion.

In partnership with the St. Monica's Institute and the Newman Center of McGill University

We live in an increasingly polarized culture, where social media can become anti-social and social justice unjust. Challenging questions of our time are frequently reduced to ideological battlegrounds where virtue signaling is often valued over virtuous leadership, division defeats dialogue, and wokeness fails to awaken us to the dignity of all. How do we solve this? CAPP-Canada invites you to discover human dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity – the core principles of Catholic Social Teaching – as life-saving medicine for an ideologically polarized society. Learn how you can champion Catholic social teaching at work and in our culture.

Registrations are open! Register here.

*Workshops will be mainly conducted in English, but will feature French language live translation and small group discussions.


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