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CAPP Canada Forums 

CAPP Canada has forums that are organized in various communities and regions across the country.  Members of these local and regional forums meet monthly, or as often as they are able, with at least one in-person meeting per year. They gather most frequently as a reading and discussion group, or to participate in Canada-wide webinars (or seminars that are webcast for non-local participants), to attend the biennial symposium, or participate virtually or in person in international events. Regular gatherings are often held over breakfast after an early morning mass, during lunch in a hosting member's board room, or after work in a pub. Once a year, larger local or regional forums host a seminar that is webcast to members and guests across the country.  In regions where forums are still starting up, or members are fewer and more dispersed, virtual trans-regional gatherings will be more frequent.


Please sign up here to join or create a forum in your city or region.

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