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Turning social doctrine into society transformed

Article by CAPP-Canada Coordinator, Dr. Cecil Chabot, published in the Catholic Register, September 15, 2022

On Sept. 17, a virtual event will launch a new Canada-wide chapter of the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice (CAPP) Foundation, established in 1993 by St. John Paul II. If this means little to you, you may be among the many committed Canadian Catholics who are unaware of this uniquely lay-run Vatican foundation’s mission to promote deeper lay Catholic knowledge and practice of Catholic Social Doctrine. Catholic Social Doctrine is itself only a little better known than CAPP.

The launch of CAPP Canada, with its mission of “transforming Canadian Society through Catholic Social Teaching,” has taken on greater significance in the wake of the Holy Father’s recent penitential pilgrimage, in which he expressed an anger and profound sadness felt by many of us at the failure of “Christian” cultures, and the institutional Church itself, to uphold the Gospel. How could such evil be done, permitted or ignored, in the name of the Gospel, often by good people with good intentions?


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